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Guide to upload tracks and digital distribution


Prepare before you are uploading tracks:

Audio files

It is wise to record the name of your audio file to make sure the tracks will be placed in the preferred order. For example: 01-track1.wav, 02-track2.wav… You can choose to format your files in WAV (44,1KHz) or MP3(320kbps) while uploading audio. Both names of the audio files and images can contain characters, numbers, space, - or _ only. (You cannot use é,ä or foreign symbols like !@#$%0.)


You will need a jpg-image for every single, EP or album. This image. Needs to be square and preferably have a resolution of 3000 x 3000 pixels.

Barcode/ISRC codes

A unique 13-digit EAN13 code is necessary for your single, EP or Album. If you do not have a code yet, you can directly go to www.barcodemaker.nl to retrieve a code. You will need a unique ISRC code for the individual tracks. Every track belongs to its own ISRC code. If you do not have a code, you can go to www.barcodemaker.nl/isrc-codes/.


Step 1: Upload audio and an image:

When you are going to upload music, you will first need to fill in the title of the single, EP or album of the desired piece. Next, you will add audio files and the corresponding image, click ‘start upload’. If your image is not square and/or the audio is not in the right format, you will get an error. You can easily remove the improper files and replace them with the right files.


Step 2: Add artist name, title, genre and codes:

After uploading you will be directed to the follow-up screen. You can add the artists name and track titles. Also, fill in your unique EAN13 code, ISRC code, release date and genre. Every single, EP or album needs its own unique code. (You cannot use the same code twice for a different track, EP or album you want to upload). Every track needs its own ISRC code. The ISRC code needs to be filled in including dashes, for example NL-Z03-99-45321. If you do not have an ISRC code, you can file an application as a producer at Sena. If you want to receive ISRC codes directly, go to www.barcodemaker.nl/isrc-codes/ and receive the amount of desired ISRC codes directly. For example: An Ep containing 5 tracks, need 5 ISRC codes.

Featuring artists:

You can separate names by using the ‘&’ when multiple artists take part in a track. By using the ‘&’ portals will also recognize both artist names separately. For example: Coldplay featuring Rihanna can be filled in best as Coldplay & Rihanna.

When you are sure everything is filled in correctly and complete, you can click the send portals button. You will receive a confirmation email.

If you have any problems uploading your music, send a message via the contact form. Look at our FAQs on our website.