1. What info needs to be on the image?

You can see the image as a cover on a Vinyl or CD sleeve. The image should show the name of the artist and the name of the single, EP or album. You can design your own square sleeve on www.canva.com for free! You can also upload your own picture and add your text.

2. Can I specify a scheduled release date?

When notifying a new single, EP or album you can specify a preferred release date. Do not fill in a date if you want your music to be uploaded as soon as possible. Mostly, this is within a few days, it might take up some more time for different platforms – up to a maximum of two weeks. It is important to upload your music on time if you want to drop a song on a scheduled release date.

3. Will my music be visible on these portals in the next years, or do I still need to pay a yearly fee?

No, your music will be visible on the portals. There will only be an administration fee   charged, when there is income. Eventually, also in the upcoming next years, you will not/never receive an invoice from us!

4. Can I use the same barcode visible on my CD?

If you are using the code on the same tracks (for example an album) you can use the same code. You can also connect your digital product to for instance, a physical CD you want to release.

5. How do I get a barcode?

One or several barcodes when going to www.barcodemaker.nl

6. How many ISRC-codes do I need?

A unique ISRC-code is required for every track (recording). For a single with two tracks, you will need two ISRC-codes. An album consisting out of 11 tracks needs 11 different ISRC-codes.

7. How do I get an ISRC-code?

If you are a producer, you can file for an application at the rights organizations SENA SIMIM. Do you want to be able to directly apply your ISRC-codes? Let our service provide this to you www.barcodemaker.nl/isrc-codes/

8. My artist name seems not to be unique; my tracks are mentioned in the list of a different artist with the same name. What do I do now?

If an artist name is not unique, there is a chance that the tracks will be placed under another artist with the same name. The most convenient way to correct this for Spotify is to do it via your Spotify Artist Profile. You can then submit a request to separate the release from the other artist(s) with the same name. This may take some time before it is visible on the portals. It is wise to first check on Spotify, for example, whether your artist name is already in use. If you don't have a Spotify Artist profile yet, you can request one here.

9. I want to upload an album; two tracks are already online as singles. What do I do now?

It is not uncommon that both the album itself as well as separate tracks that have been released as a single (with their own sleeve images) are online. Conversely, you can also upload and release a track from an existing album that is already online as a separate single.

10. I did not receive a confirmation email after uploading the tracks.

Check your spam box, in some cases it ends up in your spam box. The confirmation of your order should be received shortly after. If you did not receive an email within 24 hours, please send us a message through the contact form so we can still check the status of your order.

11. I have changed my mind and want to add a track to my Ep or Album.

You will not be able to add extra tracks to an EP, album or single that was previously registered. You have to add the track(s) as a new item.

12. Will I still be the legal owner of my music?

Yes, we do not claim any rights whatsoever! We only offer the service that you can easily and free of charge place your own music on the main portals.

13. How can I notify you of a change of address?

You can update your account details in your account.

14. On what platforms will my music be?

Your music will be on Deezer, Spotify, I-tunes, Apple Music, Zazell, Juke, Megamedia and various other platforms.

15. We have recorded covers, are we aloud to upload these as well?

In general, covers can also be placed on the portals. The individual portals have agreements with rights organizations such as MCPS, GEMA, SABAM, BUMA/STEMRA where they have arranged for money to be transferred to the original lyricist, composer and/or publisher. When uploading covers, it is mandatory to enter the names of the lyricists and composers. However, some songs are not registered with Buma/Stemra or a comparable international copyright organization. In that case, a song may not be published without the permission of the original composer, lyricist, publisher.

16. I have made a mixtape of existing tracks and added my own beats, can I place them

You may not post remixes etc. based on existing recordings without the permission of the artists or companies concerned.

17. There’s a typo in the tracks title. How can I adjust this?

You can send us a message via the contact form with the description of the inaccuracy and the correct data. We will then submit a request for this to be corrected. Please note that it may take some time for the changes to be processed.

17. Can I have releases deleted?

If you would like to have a particular publication removed, you can send us an e-mail. We will then unsubscribe this track from the portals. You can always stop the digital distribution through us immediately. We will then have your music removed from the portals. It usually takes a while before the music on all portals is offline.

19. I get an error message when entering the ISRC codes?

You may have a space before or after the ISRC code. Delete this space. You will also receive a (temporary) error message if not all ISRC codes have been entered yet. When you have entered all codes for the relevant tracks, this message will disappear.

20. Why do I sometimes get an error message when I try to upload a complete album?

It often works better not to upload all tracks at the same time, but to start the upload for each track separately, and upload the tracks one after the other.